Eleven Months With Betsy

Eleven Months Official

Chewing on toothbrushes. 
Climbing on stools and the fireplace hearth. 
Riding Dumbo and the Mad Hatter tea cups at Disney World.
The soft dolly and xylophone she got for Christmas.
When Daddy puts her to bed, although Mommy is still preferred.

Having her first stomach bug.  
That she's not allowed to rummage through the trash and compost bins. 
When her sisters don't let her interfere with their pretend play. 

New Tricks:
Standing on her own.
Blowing kisses.
Playing toy whistles. 
Signing "all done."
Taking several steps in a row. 
Sleeping through the night most nights. 


Here are some more pictures from the last month:



For comparison's sake, here are Claire and Maggie at eleven months old. 

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