Twelve Months With Betsy

Twelve Months Official

Birth Weight: 7 pounds, 2 ounces.
Current Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces.

Birth Length: 19.5 inches.
Current Length: 29.7 inches.

Being chased.
Sleeping in a crib.
Going down slides.
Taking off her shoes and socks every time we get in the car.
Trying on her sisters' dress-up clothes and headbands.
Dip, particularly ranch dressing, sour cream, and ketchup.
When you pretend to give her favorite doll hugs and kisses.

Not being allowed to climb down the stairs onto the gymnastics floor.
Having her food cut into unnecessarily tiny pieces.
That she's not allowed to run away from us in public places.
When anyone takes something away from her, particularly her sisters.

New Tricks:
Saying "uh oh."
Walking exclusively.
Squinting her eyes and giving her cheesiest grin.
Gasping and making a surprised face.
Shrieking extremely loudly.
Arching her back when she's upset.
Chewing with her new set of seven teeth.

Twelve Months Collage

Here are some more pictures from the past month: 



For comparison's sake, here are Claire and Maggie at the same age. And here are the rest of Betsy's monthly reports. 


Just for fun, all of my babies at twelve months old. I still can't get over Maggie's hair!

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