Betsy's Photo Project

First Year Collage

Another successful twelve month photo project in the books! 




For her birthday banner, I followed the instructions I helpfully left for myself in this post. I even saved the cardboard template! Since Betsy's name is only five letters long, not six like Claire and Maggie, she got an exclamation point added on. 


But, I switched it up and made a different style of quilt. Claire's and Maggie's are striped, which was hard to keep straight with my basic sewing skills. Adam's mom, who is an amazing quilter, told me that twelve squares would be much easier to do well. She was definitely right! I used the quilt-as-you-go method for the big girls' quilts, so this time I had to get over my fear of sewing the finished front piece to the backing. I made her a doll quilt first to practice. 


But thankfully it went off without a hitch both times! I continued my tradition of using yellow fabric for the backing because yellow just always makes me happy. Until they have a favorite color of their own, I'm going with my favorite color! I used store-bought white quilt binding. I know a real quilter was always make her own binding (and hand-stitch, no less) but I am absolutely not a real quilter and I like how the white looks with all the other busy patterns. 

I am planning to make her a Blurb photo book with all her monthly photos and the corresponding blog posts, just like I did for her big sisters. My goal is to have it finished by her half birthday...

Thus concludes Betsy's birthday celebration on the blog. Now I'm off write a to-do list for Claire's birthday party - I'm not used to having children's birthdays close together like this!

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