Party of Six


I was hoping to write about our trip before making this announcement, but, alas, I am just falling behind on everything these days! But for the very best reason - that we are expecting our fourth child this fall. We are very, very excited to find out the gender in a couple weeks. On that front, Kate from Sancta Nomina generously did another baby name consultation for us. Please head over to read all of her fantastic suggestions and chime in with your own!


  1. I love Robert Warren, and David, Henry and James (obviously). Also, surprisingly, I really love Louis. Louis Warren Burch sounds really strong.

    For girls, I like Helen Shirley, Katherine (Kate), Marian/Marion/Mary Ann, and Josephine (Josie).

    Can't wait to see what you choose!!

  2. Ahh! Congratulations!! I've been suspicious since a recent photo you posted on instagram ;-) Going to Sancta Nomina right now for her post...


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