Scott's Vist, My Birthday, and Adam's Camping Trip

A few days after we got back from our trip, my younger brother, Scott, came to visit for a long weekend. He is doing an internship back east this summer and will be going straight back to school afterward, so we wanted to see him while he was still in Washington. The girls and I picked him up from the airport right after Claire's catechesis class on Thursday afternoon. We had lunch and then went to IKEA, where he helped me buy a new dresser for the nursery. He generously helped me to assemble the dresser that evening because Adam was busy with work.  


On Friday, we had lunch at Pike Place Market, which is always a delicious idea. 







Scott's first baby-wearing experience. Betsy actually napped on his back for a while!


On Saturday, we spent the day on Bainbridge Island. 


I took this picture on the ferry ride there, but then my camera suddenly stopped working. Out of nowhere, all of the pictures I took were black. Scott had just gotten a new Pixel phone, which is supposed to take really nice pictures, and he kindly let me use it the rest of the day. 




A trip to Bainbridge isn't complete without a stop at our very favorite Italian place! 








And some time at the beach - this is Fay Bainbridge Park. We usually stop at Mora Creamery in downtown Winslow for ice cream, but we didn't have time to wait in line before our ferry, so we picked up treats at Blackbird Bakery instead.

We spent Friday and Saturday evenings after the girls were in bed playing board games. Scott taught us how to play a new cooperative game, Hanabi, which was a lot of fun. We sadly had to take him to the airport after church on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time and wish him the best of luck at his internship this summer!


The following Friday was my 28th birthday. Honestly, it wasn't my best birthday ever. I was recovering from bronchitis, Maggie from a stomach bug, and Betsy from pink eye. Adam's big deadline at work was the afternoon of my birthday and he left for a camping trip with friends the next day. But he did a grill steak for dinner and order a pretty cake from a bakery. My mom gave me a tea set a few months ago that she'd had for years - cups, saucers, creamer, and sugar bowl. Adam found the missing tea pot on eBay as my birthday gift. We put the birthday money we both received from our parents towards a new camera. (Strangely, it was $50 cheaper when we bought it.)

I am very glad Adam got to go camping with his friends though. It was a bachelor weekend thing for Betsy's godfather, Steven, and this was the only date that would work for everyone. They climbed Mount Pilchuck - Adam got some great shots on the hike!










Watching the girls on my own for forty-eight hours was totally fine. We were even on time to Mass and no one misbehaved quite badly enough to have to leave the pew. The next weekend we went on a really fun date and the weekend after that I snuck out for a haircut and pedicure. Most excitingly, I am going on a girls' trip of my own later this summer. So, really, nothing at all to complain about!

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