Richland Road Trips

There are so many trips we would have loved to have taken this summer - three weddings of dear friends, British Columbia for Canada's 150th, Oregon for the total eclipse. But ultimately, we knew it was most important (and most affordable!) to visit my parents in Eastern Washington. We made it to Richland for two long weekends. 

Over July 4th, we went swimming at a family friends' house and at my mom's gym. The girls had a great time playing in the sprinklers and kiddie pool in the backyard. Although Betsy mostly enjoyed stealing the cherry tomatoes from their garden! 








 We visited again the last weekend of August. We went bowling, got ice cream at the Country Mercantile, rode on the Carousel of Dreams, and played at the splash park. 












You often hear jokes about how traveling with several small children isn't a vacation, it's a trip. Sure, it's a bit harder to get everyone to sleep, but staying at my parents' house is much, much more relaxing than my regular life. They serve delicious meals, which we often get to enjoy on their back deck with a beautiful view of the golf course. While Betsy's napping and the big girls are watching a show, we don't have any chores or projects to work on and can play board games, read, or take a nap ourselves. Little things like getting to use their Keurig, walking to their neighborhood park, or watching donuts being made on after Mass trips to Krispy Kreme are just really fun. We still can't get over how lucky we are to have them only four hours away!

P.S. Adam's parents and his oldest brother's family made it through Hurricane Harvey unscathed, thankfully. Adam's brother was actually on a work trip in Oregon and couldn't get home for almost a week, so he drove up to Seattle to meet with some clients and we got to visit with him a few times. It's been really sad to see so many homes and so much of the infrastructure destroyed in the suburb of Houston we're from. Texas is in our prayers, as are all those fighting the forest fires currently plaguing the Pacific Northwest.

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