Our Love Story

At the end of Caitlin's sophomore year of high school, the marching band took a road-trip to Fiesta Texas. Most of her close friends couldn't come, so Caitlin was a little worried as she walked into the band hall early Saturday morning. She was so relieved when she saw Christina, a friend from church who she also had a few classes with. Sitting next to Christina were two guys. Kirk, a guy Caitlin knew from Latin, and Adam, one of Christina's neighbors. Caitlin had a great time at the park hanging out with Christina, Adam, and Kirk. On the bus ride back from San Antonio, Caitlin unintentionally fell asleep on Adam's shoulder. Adam was pretty much hooked.

Over the next few weeks, Caitlin saw Adam all the time. At lunch, in the band hall in the mornings, even at the Catholic church's spring festival. One day, Christina mysteriously asked Caitlin if she'd like to go on a blind date. Caitlin immediately knew that the date was with Adam. She thought Adam was cute and funny, so she agreed. For their "blind" date, Adam and Caitlin went on a picnic with Christina and Kirk. At the end of the date, Adam asked Caitlin to go to the movies with him that weekend. They saw Cinderella Man and Caitlin, of course, started to cry at the end, so Adam held her hand. From that day forward, they were inseparable.

To speed this story up a little, I'll give you guys the highlights of the last four years.

Year One: Caitlin and Adam were in the same band and physics classes. Caitlin threw Adam a surprise party for his sixteenth birthday. For her birthday, Adam got his driver's license and took Caitlin on their first real date.

Year Two: A new high school opened. Caitlin stayed at the old high school with the rest of the seniors, while Adam moved to the new one. They mostly saw each other at church, where they taught Sunday school together. Caitlin took Adam with her to the prom.

Year Three: Caitlin left for college in Pittsburgh. It was really hard, but Adam and Caitlin still got to see each other every month. They were reunited for good on Adam's eighteenth birthday.

Year Four: Adam joined Caitlin at Pitt. It was awesome. They were both in the marching band, which was getting kind of old at this point. They took their first vacations together, to Chicago and New York City.

Year Five: Adam and Caitlin visited each other's grandparents. They finally quit the marching band. They planned to study abroad together in France.  

They got engaged!


  1. gosh, that made me all teary eyed!
    i am so happy for the both of you.

  2. I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED! you guys are so cute. were you like super surprised? i love you!


    are you going to post the proposal story!??!?! hahha

    congratulations you guys!!!!

  4. Ok, so I just went to your facebook to ask how the preparations for France were going...little did I know you'd have even MORE exciting news!!!


  5. yall are sooo cute!
    ditto what holly said!! lol

  6. That is so cute! Blessings!
    Sweet blog. :-)


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