The Proposal

Early last week, Adam asked Caitlin if she'd like to go on a date Friday night. On Friday afternoon, he showed up at her dorm with beautiful pink and yellow roses. It wasn't Valentine's Day, her birthday, or their anniversary, so Caitlin was very surprised! She had to put the flowers in a milk carton because she's in college. What college student has a vase just in case they get flowers?

Then she sat down on her bed to put her coat on. Suddenly, Adam walked into the room and got down on his knees. He started talking about how much he loved her and stuff like that. Caitlin doesn't really remember because she was busy thinking, "What? Is he really proposing right now?" Adam was so nervous as he asked the big question, "Will you marry me?" Of course, Caitlin said yes because Adam is so cute when he's nervous. She jumped into his arms and then he put the most beautiful ring on her finger.

Adam's main goal in proposing was to surprise Caitlin. It is really hard for Adam to surprise her because Caitlin knows him so well. If he took her on a really fancy date when it wasn't Valentine's Day, her birthday, or their anniversary, she would figure it out right away. So Adam decided to propose in a quiet place and then take Caitlin on a fancy date to celebrate.

For their big date, Adam and Caitlin went to the Andy Warhol Museum {which is where they found that photo booth} and had dinner at nice Chinese restaurant downtown. Trust me, there's nothing better than celebrating your engagement over a plate of crab rangoons. After dinner, they went to the homecoming fireworks show.

You may be wondering when and where Adam and Caitlin are planning to get married. Well, they will definitely be getting married at their home parish in Houston. Over Thanksgiving they are meeting with the priest to talk about dates and marriage preparation and stuff. For the rest of the semester, they are going to concentrate on homework, study abroad paperwork, and finding a summer job. At least in theory.


  1. That is so dang cute.
    He's a smart guy.
    You would have figured it out any other way!


  2. so beautiful!
    the story and you guys!

  3. I wish blogs had a "like" button, because if they did, I'd hit it about 50 times for this post...SO cute!!! :-D

  4. what a cute story! i am so excited!

  5. Congratulations! That's so exciting! :D


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