Meant To Be

I recently got on Adam hooked on reading one of my favorite funny bloggers, tartraz. Over dinner the other night, we were talking about her and her husband's proclamation of their celebrity crushes. Of course, the conversation soon turned towards our own celebrity crushes. I admitted that I found Ryan Reynolds quite attractive in The Proposal. Adam, who has never mentioned this kind of thing before, quickly exclaimed his fondness for Scarlett Johansson.

 Ryan and Scarlett

Guess what? Ryan and Scarlett just happen to be married in real life! So even though I think Scarlett Johansson always needs to put on some more clothes and Adam claims that Ryan Reynolds' face looks weird, we are clearly made for each other. 


  1. hilarious!

    ryan is so dreamy.

  2. that is awesome!!! so funny!

  3. lol I love it! But tell Adam to never hold Ryan Reynolds name in vain ever again.


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