Wedding Wednesday: Flowers

I'm planning to order all the wedding flowers {bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, altar arrangements} from the floral section at Kroger. I got a quote from my local store of winter break and was very pleased to discover that all the flowers would be just under $500. Signing the contract is one of the first things I'm planning to check off the wedding to-do list in May. But first I need to decide what kind of flowers I'd like. I've narrowed it down to pink roses {which will go nicely with the teal bridesmaid dresses}, but there's just so many varieties to choose from! So, I thought I'd get some input from all of you guys. What shade of pink should I go for...


Or Coral?

I know it's a pretty minor detail, but I'd love to know what you think!


  1. Yea! I love wedding wednesdays. I love the coral ones. I think they would look beautiful with the Bridesmaid dresses! Such a pretty color

  2. i love them both... but i think the coral ones would look better with the dresses!

  3. i am not sure! we shall be talking about this tomorrow!

  4. Hi Caitlin! My name is Jen... so I was randomly clicking around on Bower Power (aka putting off studying for my genetics exam) and came upon your blog. It instantly grabbed my attention because I too am going through the whole wedding planning process. So I poked around a little more and read more of your "Wedding Wednesday" posts... you can tell we're both Bower Power fans because we both made the exact same update for our bridesmaids! lol I'm getting married a week before you on July 24th! Feel free to pop over to my blog sometime (not that I update it all that much). The wedding "to-do list" is never ending, but it's still oh-so-much-fun isn't it?? ;-)

  5. I am thinking...coral! But it would probably be good to take a dress up to Kroger and put the flowers with it!

    Or something like that!

    The wedding is getting so close!

  6. i like laurens idea!


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