Adam's Birthday Festivities

Unfortunately, most of Adam's birthday {eight straight hours in fact} was spent in class. After we were finally done, we had dinner at Burger Bar, a hamburger place right by my apartment. {My apartment is actually through that green door on the left.} We had walked by that place everyday for three months and it always smelled amazing, so we jumped at the chance to try it.

We both ordered bacon cheeseburgers, which were pretty darn excited about, as I'm sure you can tell. {Please excuse my craziness in the following picture. Adam made me include it and I just couldn't refuse the birthday boy.}

After dinner, we went back to Adam's apartment. He opened his presents - this book and a new shirt from the Gap. Then we enjoyed Adam's favorite dessert, a mixed fruit tart.

The day after Adam's birthday, we got together with our roommates, Jenny and Clifton, to play a few rounds of pool. I'm pretty sure that both Jenny and I didn't get a ball in the entire time, but it was a really fun night!


Despite the eight hours of class, I think Adam had a pretty good introduction into life as a twenty-something!


  1. i'm glad adam had a great birthday!

  2. How fun! Those burgers look deelish! Happy Birthday, Adam!


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