Wedding Wednesday: Address Cards

We are planning to give photo address cards as favors at the reception. On Saturday, Allie and Lauren helped us pick out outfits and snapped a bajillion photos of us.

It was really hard to pick just one, but we eventually decided on the photo below. Because it's just too funny! The finished version will say, "We'll be keeping house at {insert our new address here.}" I'm also wondering if they might look better in sepia or black & white. Then I'll just get them printed at CVS for fifteen cents a piece. 120 cute and hopefully usable favors for less than $20? I'll take that!

And if you'd like to see another photo shoot, my wonderful sister gave us engagement portraits for my birthday! You can check a few of them out here. {We're using the last one in our signature frame/substitute guest book.}

Another fun wedding-related happening - my mom's coffee group threw me a shower this past weekend. It was so much fun and I was generously gifted a ton of great kitchen stuff!