Last Day of Work!

Some highlights of my summer at the Symphony:

- Finding a check signed by George Bush Sr, while filing one day. 
- Touring the backstage of Jones Hall. 
- Going to a fancy lunch at Neiman Marcus with some society ladies.
- Being treated to lunch by my two super nice supervisors. 
- Meeting one of the conductors. 
- Working with some really great people, who threw me a wonderful going-away party this morning!

My family likes to joke about how I have no idea what I want to do with my life. But, I've always known exactly what I want to do - be a mom. It's just that I need to work for a few years before that can happen. After graduation, we will move somewhere for Adam to start grad school, hopefully Houston or Austin. My goals in looking for a job will be paying off student loans and helping others in some way. I'd like to do one of three things:

- Teach for America. My top choice because I would be helping kids, using my history degree, and getting $10,000 from the government to help with those good ole' student loans. 
- Tax Accounting. I wouldn't be helping people, but I would be making a lot of money, which would help me reach my true vocation that much sooner. 
- Development. I would be helping people, but not making a ton of money. I've worked in development for three summers now, so I know how things work and I've made a lot of contacts in Houston. 

I'm glad I have two years left in school before I have to worry about any of that!