Wedding Wednesday: Shower & Bachelorette Party

Last, last weekend, two of my bridesmaids, Allison and Sam, threw me an awesome shower and bachelorette party in one fun-filled day. At the shower, delicious ice cream sundaes were served and lots of wonderful gifts were opened. During the present portion, Sam would ask me a question about Adam and I would have to answer it correctly before I could open a gift! That evening, we all had dinner at my absolute favorite restaurant, Pappasito's. Then some gifts of a slightly different nature were opened, followed by more ice cream and my favorite movie, Father of the Bride!

I am happy to report practically everything is done for the wedding! This week hasn't been stressful at all and I've gotten to enjoy just hanging out with my family. My aunt and cousin are busy enjoying the one thing Houston does better than Vancouver - shopping. And my grandparents are flying in this afternoon!