Random Facts

1. I like to eat food in layers. Like with Reese's, I eat the chocolate rim first, then the chocolate on the bottom, and finally the peanut butter center. The first time I met Adam, at Six Flags, I bought a corn dog for dinner. I ate the corn part first, then the hot dog. He must have thought it was cute, because we're getting married in 9 days!

2. This summer, I have developed a new reading system. During my lunch hour at work, I read serious books, like histories or the latest Malcolm Gladwell, so people think I'm smart and I don't feel too bad about myself. At home, when I'm in the bath {yes, I take baths} or eating breakfast, I read Pride & Prejudice fan fiction.

3. I worked at Sonic for two years in high school. Sometimes, when I would see overweight people ordering a Route 44 Dr.Pepper, I would secretly give them Diet Dr.Pepper instead. I would consider saving these customers thousands of calories my good deed for the day. As far as I know, no one ever noticed the difference.

4. The summer after my freshman year of college, I interned at the Holocaust Museum. About halfway through the summer, they ran out of real work for me to do. They were in the process of collecting one million butterflies from elementary schoolers to represent each child who died during the Holocaust. So, they put me to work counting and sorting the butterflies, which I did while watching all ten seasons of Friends. Someone sent in a butterfly made out of two pieces of toast.