Adam's Summer Plans & Fall Schedule

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For the past year, Adam has been doing mathematical biology research. First, he did a summer research program with Rice University back in Houston. For the last two semesters at Pitt, he's been on a research grant from the math department. But...Adam really has no interest in biology. That just happens to be where the money is in cities with awesome medical centers.

This summer, Adam will be doing math bio research again, through a program with the Pitt biology department. It's not his favorite thing, but he's still happy to be getting paid pretty handsomely for any kind of math research. In his free time, Adam will be preparing to take the GRE at the end of August.

Considering how Adam's low of the week has been his physics lab for pretty much the entire semester, you will probably not be surprised to hear that he's dropping his physics major. Instead, he's downgrading physics to a minor and picking up another minor in computer science. So he will graduate next May with a major in Math and three minors {since he's already got a French minor from studying abroad}.

Here is Adam's fall semester schedule:

Advanced Scientific Computing - Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11:00
Intro to Piano - Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 1:00
Algorithm Implementation - Tuesday/Thursday at 1:00
Ordinary Differential Equations - Tuesday/Thursday at 4:00

Not bad, right? He's taking two graduate-level math courses, one computer science course, and a piano course to fulfill his last general education requirement. He's taking a lighter load {only 12 hours} because he'll have a lot going on outside the classroom.

In the fall, Adam will finally get to try out a different field of research - computational math. He'll be specifically working in fluid dynamics. But the professor he's working with probably won't have funding, so Adam will have another job as well - like tutoring, grading, or doing more math bio research.

Besides the whole two jobs thing, he'll be taking the math subject test of the GRE in October, which will take a lot more preparation than the regular GRE. It will also be time to start applying for graduate school. You know about our dream school, but over the summer we'll be choosing at least five other schools to apply to.

Despite all of that outside stuff, his whole senior year should be a lot easier than this semester. His research program doesn't start until the middle of May, so Adam will spend the first few weeks of summer playing video games. Trust me, that guy could certainly use a break!


  1. a piano class sounds really fun!

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