Highs and Lows

Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple days. It's been a weird week. I've been studying like crazy for a potential new job and asking Adam a ton of math-related questions. Adam has been playing house husband and asking me all about things like cleaning and making dinner.

Basically, our roles are reversed and we don't like it one bit. But everything will be back to normal next week. Adam starts his summer research program on Monday and I will hopefully have some information for you all about a new job!

Highs and Lows


Caitlin & Adam: Having friends over for dinner and a game night!


Caitlin & Adam: The disappointing season finales of some of our favorite shows - we didn't find out who the new boss is on The Office or meet the mom on How I Met Your Mother.

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  1. I know... I was so sad at the end of The Office. I recently have been getting into HIMYM. too hilarious!


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