Anniversary Date Art

One of my favorite home decor blogs, Young House Love, had a giveaway a while back from a neat company, Frame the Date. Obviously, I didn't win the giveaway. But I thought they had a really fun concept at an unfortunately-way-out-of-my-budget price.

Then, I bought a frame at Pottery Barn's After-Christmas sale without knowing what I'd put in it. It laid under our bed for a several months before I finally pulled it out again and remembered Frame the Date's cute idea.

So, I browsed on Flickr for photos featuring the numbers 7, 31, and 10 - our anniversary. I looked for photos that had a variety of textures {wood, brick, stone, etc}. I also wanted the photos to have a variety of color - light backgrounds with dark numbers and vice versa.

After I found my three perfect photos, I cropped them to 4x6 and converted them to black-and-white. I signed up for CVS online {which got me 25 free prints} and sent them to my nearest store for pick up.

Anniversary Date Art

The prints found a home above our tv and the project was about 1/4 the price of a similar product from Frame the Date. Can't beat that!

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  1. whats the website where you got those canvases made?


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