Yarn Wrapped Letters

I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest. It's given me endless ideas and inspiration. About a month ago, I pinned some yarn-wrapped letters to my craft project board.

Yarn Wrapped Letter Inspiration
The letters on the left.
The letters on the right.

Cute, right? Well, a few weeks after that, Adam and I took a little Goodwill expedition. We had some time to kill before our bus arrived so we decided to do some browsing in Urban Outfitters, where I spotted some metal letters on clearance for $3 a piece.

Like any good Southern girl, I love monograms and immediately looked for an A, B and C. Adam, however, does not share my passion for monograms, so he wasn't a big fan of this choice. Since I'm trying to do a better job of including him in home-decor-related purchases, we started brainstorming other word combinations.

The word had to be three letters long, because we didn't want to spend more than $10. Joy was the front-runner for a while, but then Adam came up with the brilliant idea of turning an E on its side to make an M. We ended up purchasing the words "I Am" {the meaning of the Hebrew word for God, Yahweh}.

So, the next time I was in Micheal's I purchased two bundles of green yarn for about $2 a piece. The letters started out looking like this:

Letters Before

But after several hours of Lark Rise to Candleford, they ended up looking like this:

Yarn Wrapped Letters

And they found a happy home on top of a new bookshelf.

P.S. Apparently Vanna White designs yarn now?!


  1. NICE! I really want to try some yarn wrapped letters this summer too. Ps. It just occurred to me that ABC is also yours and Adam's initials. Duoh!

  2. I am a fan of anything to do with yarn. :)

    Looks good!

    When is your knitting class, by the way?


You are awesome.