As you've probably figured out by now, I have quite the love affair with Pinterest. It's just such a great source of inspiration! Among my large collection of pins, you can pick up on a few obsessions.

Beachy blue, green, yellow and white color schemes.

Beachy Color Schemes
Bedroom image, bathroom image, nursery image, kitchen image, living room image, laundry room image.

Plate walls.

Plate Walls
Clockwise from top left: plates one, plates two, plates three, plates four.

Creative uses for $60 Ikea Expedit bookshelves.

Expedit Ideas
Buffet image, changing table image.

Sunburst mirrors made from things like paint stirrers, spoons, clothespins or poster board.

Sunburst Mirror Ideas
Clockwise from top left: mirror one, mirror two, mirror three, mirror four.

Just lovely!


  1. Wow Wow!

    Okay, so first: the kitchen pic. The table is white, one chair is aqua, and one is yellow. That is PERFECT. We have been wanting to repaint our table, and as you may remember, our kitchen colors are aqua and yellow. I couldn't figure out how to work those in, though. Aqua/yellow on the table itself seemed a little loud. But why not paint the CHAIRS those colors?? (we currently have metal chairs, but are keeping our eye out for used wooden ones).

    The mounted plate idea: awesome!! I love love love painted china. I always see beautiful pieces at thrift stores, but refrain from buying it because I think "that's too pretty to actually eat off of, and risk breaking." I never even thought of hanging them up like that. I'm SO telling my husband about this!

    And lastly - I love sunburst mirrors. I want to find a totally retro-looking one. Making one is a good idea, but I don't think any of the examples you posted fit exactly what I have in mind.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  2. good finds! i can't start this pinterest thing because everyone seems so addicted!

  3. i NEED to start pinning!!!!!


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