Housewarming Gift

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I just finished training to teach the GMAT for my test prep job and Adam's all caught up with homework after going out of town for Labor Day weekend. He's enjoying his classes so far, except for intro to piano, which ended up being way too basic and really boring. So, of course, the logical move was switch out of the easy class and take a medieval literature course instead.

Anyway, onto a much more interesting subject...crafting. My favorite girls, Allie and Kailin, recently started nursing school in Houston and moved into a cute apartment near the medical center. When we visited last weekend, I wanted to bring them a housewarming gift. And here's what I came up with.

Housewarming Gift

- A pillow made out of a placemat I found on the Target clearance rack. I just ripped open a seam, added some batting and sewed it right back up.

- A yarn + felt flower wreath, thanks to a wreath form found for fifty cents at Goodwill.

- A yellow tray, found at Michael's and transformed with a little craft paint.

- Two coasters. I recently ordered some cloth napkins from Sundance and picked out some clearance coasters while I was at it. But, they came in a pack of six and I only wanted four, so I used two (the "strong" and "brave" ones) to create these. It was just a matter of carefully peeling off the backing, cutting some scrapbook paper to size and sticking the whole thing back together with mod podge.

Want to see my gifts in action? Check out their apartment right here.

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