The Rest of Thanksgiving Break

While Adam's family was in town, we took them to all our favorite Pittsburgh restaurants and attractions, like Phipps Conservatory...

Phipps Conservatory

Phipps Conservatory

...and the Duquense Incline.

Duquense Incline

Duquense Incline

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we made an impromptu, whirlwind visit to my grandparents in Ottawa, Canada. It was a lot of driving in two days, but worth every second on the road to see them.

Grandma and Grandpa Kelly

While we were there, we had just enough time to swing by our favorite Canadian spots.


Tim Hortons

We stopped for dinner in Buffalo on the way back. I'd heard Mighty Taco was a Buffalo 'thing' from some college acquaintances. I have to say, it was really gross. I'm pretty sure they put slices of provolone cheese on the tacos. Blasphemy! That is how we established a new family rule - no eating Mexican food in upstate New York.

P.S. I took advantage of our very clean for company apartment to take some updated pictures for the 'Our Home' page.

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