Baby Steps: Halfway There

Halfway Mark

We've officially passed the halfway point. Only nineteen weeks to go!

Since the end of the first trimester, there's definitely more of a baby bump going on. I would say I'm pretty obviously pregnant to everyone I know. To random strangers, I think I'm still in that stage where you think they're pregnant, but you don't want to say anything, because it would be really awkward if you got it wrong.

We had another ultrasound at week eighteen. Everything's looking good so far. I wanted to know the gender really, really, really badly as soon as we saw Baby pop up on the screen. Baby saved us from temptation though and wasn't in a good position to find out the entire time. So, it will be God's little secret until April.

I felt Baby move for the first time during week nineteen. Two friends from church are also expecting. We are all due within a week or so of each other, which is really exciting. But when they both felt their little ones move before I did, I started to get worried. Not even born yet and I'm already comparing Baby to other kids! While we were watching Up All Night one evening, I felt something that just had to be a kick and it's kept up ever since.

P.S. About the weekly photos. In case you couldn't tell, I decided to wear a different outfit for each trimester. I don't really remember why, but that's the plan. They aren't really turning out quite the way I'd like because our apartment only has good lighting for like an hour a day and Adam {the designated photographer} is pretty much always at school during that time. Whatever, it'll still be neat to look back through them all.


  1. Yay kicks! So exciting!

    For a while I thought we might have twins because I was showing more than other people I know who are expecting in the spring ... I think it's just the shape of my body though. :) We had our ultrasound today, and there's only one in there! ;)

    I love your bump photos!

  2. You look great! I love that you are doing weekly pictures. I barely have any "staged" bump pics from my girls pregnancies. I love it. These will be so fun to look back on! I can't wait to find out whether Baby Burch is a boy or a girl!


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