Baby Steps: Nursery Furniture

Baby won't have his or her own room until the beginning of August. We're moving at the beginning of July, but Adam's company is putting us up in temporary housing for a month until we find a new apartment.

I figure it's not really a big deal since babies tend to sleep in their parents' room for the first few months anyway. But, it does make "nesting" not as much fun. The nursery will just have to live in my head for a while!

So, here's what we're thinking in terms of furniture.

The black dresser that's currently in our bedroom. We'll just throw a changing pad on top.

Apartment Nov 2011

A black rocking chair, handed down from Adam's parents. We somehow managed to fit it in our car and brought it back after Christmas.

Rocking Chair

The yellow side table that's currently in our living room will find a new home next to the rocking chair. And the owl lamp {which is plastic - bonus!} will come along for the ride.

Yellow Side Table

We purchased two white items to balance out all that black.

Nursery Furniture

1. A gently used Jenny Lind style crib and mattress from Craig's List - $80.
2. A storage unit for toys and books - $40.

Side Notes: I am on a strict budget. Despite Adam's fancy-pants new job, we'll still be living pretty cheaply. We have loans to pay off and grad school savings {or a house down payment} to build up. Also, even though we'll definitely have answered the boy/girl question by August, this room will be gender neutral. We're hoping to live in our next {two-bedroom} apartment for three years, at which point Adam will either go back to school or we'll buy a house. But, we hope Baby will have a sibling sometime in the next three years, so the nursery will eventually be shared and it would be silly to redecorate it at that point.

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  1. I love Jenny Lind style cribs. I would change mine to that in a minute! Bonus, it's white which I love. :) Little Baby Burch will be living in sleek & chic style!


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