Stockpiling Stationary

Favorite Congrats Cards

I really like sending cards to people. I've figured out that I'm much better about it if I'm always stocked up on stationary. My arsenal is limited to three types of cards:

- Birthday cards. Every January, Adam and I pick out a birthday card for each of our family members. We just stick a post-it on each one so we remember who it's for.

- Pretty blank cards for thank you notes. You know, the kind you see all the time at T.J. Maxx and Marshall's. Always a go-to gift idea for the ladies in my life!

- Congrats cards. I really like these ones from the dollar stationary section at Target. Inside, they simply say, "so happy for you," which is perfect for any occasion you would congratulate someone on.

Throughout the year, I just have to pick up a few seasonal cards, like for mother's and father's day. I also like to send cards to our grandparents on holidays like Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving, just to let them know we're thinking of them. I try to remember to grab some for the year ahead when they're on post-holiday clearance.

Of course, if money was no option, I would shop exclusively at Rifle Paper Co. So pretty!


  1. I buy all my thankyou cards at TJ Maxx and Marshalls also! They are so much cheaper there than anywhere else.

    Buying so many cards for so many occasions throughout the year really adds up, though. I've been wanting to get some varied-color cardstock, sit down with my husband one afternoon and just make a whole bunch of homemade all-purpose cards to use throughout the year. They could be as simple as a cool picture from a magazine pasted onto the front, with space for a personal message inside. I think it would save a lot of money, and also have that nice homemade charm. If it eventually happens, I'll blog about it!

  2. Stationary obsession myself. I primarily shop at TJMaxx and Marshall's. I am finally catching up in all Audrey's Baby gifts. Embarrassing....

    But, I was just thinking my arsenal is getting low. I'm going to have to restock.

  3. I feel like I'm always buying cards. We send/give birthday cards to all of our aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents/parents/siblings, which adds up to about 60 people. Plus we send them to friends from college, which is another 10 or 15. Yikes! I have an entire calendar just devoted to birthdays. Then there's Mother's Day and Father's Day... and baby showers and bridal showers and baptisms and anniversaries and graduations and First Communions and Housewarmings and Confirmations... SO MANY CARDS. Haha!

    I get all of ours at the Dollar Store because they're only 50 cents there, but I still think I spend upwards of $50 a year on cards. Way more than that if you count stamps! It's a little crazy.


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