Five on Friday

1. I finally used some of the pumpkin I pureed back in November. The puree from one pumpkin gave me three loaves of pumpkin bread. I had to bake them about fifteen minutes more than usual, but other than that they turned out just fine.

Pumpkin Bread

2. In tv news, last week's episode of The Office was about a pool party and all the female cast members wore one-piece swimsuits. Win for modesty! Also, Downton Abbey and Parks & Rec combined? Pretty much the best thing ever.

3. Thanks to some very long car trips and plane rides in the month of December, I successfully knitted a scarf for both myself and Adam. Now I'm working on matching hats!

Knitting a Hat

4. The little three-year-old boy I nanny for loves talking to my belly. Only when he thinks I'm not listening. The other day, he came over to put his hand on my stomach and shout-whispered, "When are you coming out?!?" I almost died of cuteness.

5. Do chips and dip count as a pregnancy craving?

My Pregnancy Craving


  1. yum, pumpkin bread! i just made some pumpkin muffins.

  2. Yay hats! And omg, that little boy is so cute!!


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