Baby Steps: Nursery Textiles

Apartments are small spaces. Personally, I'm a fan of adopting a general color scheme for the whole place. I think it just makes things flow from room to room so much better.

I like seeing blue, green and yellow together, so I try to stick to those colors when decorating. And the nursery will be no exception!

Nursery Textiles

Apparently, I also really like polka dots.

1. You know how Goodwill sells random things from Target? I found this changing pad cover, unopened, for $6.

2. I ordered three of these crib sheets {the ones with turquoise as the background color} on sale at Garnet Hill to the tune of $10 a piece.

3. The toys-and-books storage unit will be filled with $7 turquoise fabric boxes.

4. I'd like to make a seat cushion for the rocker and some sort of window treatments. I'm planning on using this fabric, Slim Dandy by Heather Bailey, to bring in some yellow and some contrast to all the polka dots. It's hard to tell with just the swatch, but the fabric looks like this in person.


  1. I had no idea Goodwill sold random stuff from Target! I go into Goodwill all the time and I don't think I've ever seen unopened stuff... there's a chance I'm just horribly unobservant though... I never seem to find awesome stuff there like other people do.

    It's all so cute! Are you planning on putting up the crib/shelves/curtains/etc. in the apartment, or are you just going to wait until you get to Seattle?

    1. Maybe it is just the Goodwill that I shop at, but it seems like Target donates random leftover items to them. Usually, it's not actually a good deal because I'll see a picture frame on clearance at Target for $4 and then a month later, it will show up at Goodwill with a $5 price tag. But I happened to get lucky this one time!

      We'll just set up a pack-n-play in the apartment (and of course, we have baby clothes and toys stashed all over the place). I'm definitely planning a post about how we will fit an infant's gear into our tiny apartment!


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