Five on Friday

1. Do you remember reading Value Tales as a kid? Our school library had the whole collection. I found quite a few at Goodwill this week for fifty cents a piece! Some of the ones we are missing sell for upwards of $50 on Amazon.

Value Tales Books

2. I made pot roast for the first time yesterday. It was awesome and I have fallen in love with my crock pot all over again.

3. I finished my hat! And with the leftover yarn, I made a pom-pom which I am very on the fence about.

Finished Hat

4. I think going to one of Meg's craft weekends would be my dream vacation.

5. My view at thirty weeks. Where are my feet?

View at Thirty Weeks


  1. Wow. Meg's craft weekends sound amazing. I must become a follower of her blog.

  2. Hey Caitlin,
    I stumbled on this blog, and it is amazing. I shall continue to read it. I laughed at the "where are my feet" commment.


You are awesome.