Five on Friday

1. Since we moved here, we've been buying this milk at the grocery store. We like supporting a local farm and we think it's cool that they reuse the glass bottles. But, now all other milk tastes really weird to us. If we ever move again, I suppose we'll just have to buy out the farm and make them come with us.  

Favorite Milk

2. Chatting about baby gear yesterday made me remember a strange phenomenon we saw at the state fair last weekend. All the parents with two little kids ended up each carrying a kid and pushing an empty double stroller! So, question for all you moms of two: how often do you use your double stroller? Don't worry, this isn't any kind of veiled pregnancy announcement. I'm just nosy.

3. I'm pretty sure the marketing team that came up with the concept of the Target dollar section had me in mind. I'm such a sucker for anything priced under a buck. Thanks, Lindsey Jo, for the heads up on the cute goodies there right now! Of course, I couldn't resist the Andy Warhol inspired tomato soup cans either. {Fun Fact: Adam and I went to the Andy Warhol museum on the night we got engaged.}

Dollar Section Goodies

4. One of my favorite things about our new neighborhood is that we live in walking distance of a craft store. Claire and I may have gotten in the habit of browsing there multiple times a week. She loves looking at all the different colors of paper and fabric. And I do too!

Craft Store

5. Well, I am off to end this nap time on a somewhat productive note by completing my ridiculously short exercise regimen, rather than watching the new episode of Parks & Rec and then pretending to be surprised when Adam and I view it together tonight. Which may or may not have been my first intention.


  1. Those soup cans match my kitchen!

    um, about the double stroller...we've only used ours a few times so far. But I'd say if you're going somewhere that you will spend a fair amount of time, it's probably worth having, even if you end up holding both kids a lot of it. Because your arms need a break sometime and because it's a good place to store "stuff". But that said...Sly is a big boy now, and we usually won't hold him anymore. We tell him he has to walk or sit in the stroller.

  2. i just bought cute letter stamps at the target dollar spot - the stuff is good!!

  3. Double Stroller :: For us, we used the heck out of it because those girls were so close together. We used it so much probably the first 6 months. But, as they both got older, we use just the single stroller and the carrier. And now, Katherine usually walks. If you live in a city where you will be walking a bunch, it's definitely a must. But, I say...once your oldest gets close to two, it might not be as necessary. Or find someone who will share their unused one. (Like my sister is about to have her second, right as her oldest turns two. I told her I didn't think it was worth buying one because her son will probably not be that into strollers that much longer. And since we aren't using our so much, I'm lending it out. Why let it collect dust and take up space).


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