All Saints Day

Our parish threw a potluck dinner for All Saints Day, so of course Claire had to dress up as her patron saint! Here's her costume:

All Saints Day

- A white turtleneck and too small brown leggings, both items we already had on hand. 

- A simple brown dress. This was my first time sewing with a pattern. Goodness, it was hard. Don't even get my started on sleeves. Sleeves! If Claire hadn't taken unusually long naps in the days preceding the party, there's no way I could have finished it.

-  A veil made out of the leftover dress fabric sewn to a headband made out of an old white t-shirt. I found these two tutorials really helpful.

- A monstrance, St. Clare's symbol, made out of popsicle sticks and a wooden disk from the craft store. Claire loves to chew on everything, so I made sure to use non-toxic craft paint and cover the whole thing in a few layers of mod podge {also non-toxic} just in case.

- And finally, a piece of rope to tie around her waist in typical Franciscan fashion.

All Saints Day

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a nun costume?

All Saints Day

At the party, all the kids that could actually, you know, talk, were invited to share a few facts about their saint. Two funny exchanges occured:

Religious Ed Director: "So, who are you dressed up as?"
Little Boy: "Saint George!"
Religious Ed Director: "Can you tell us anything about Saint George?"
Little Boy: "No, I cannot."

Religious Ed Director: "Oh, and what saint did you choose?"
Another Little Boy {pointing to his shirt}: "Superman!"


  1. Aww this is adorable! How nice that your church organized that!

  2. Way to sew! My first official paper pattern project, a dress for Amelia, was never finished before she outgrew it. Woops.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is darling! What a cute little girl.

    When my twin sister and I were 3, our mom made us little nun outfits to dress as St. Teresa of Avila and St. Catherine of Siena for All Saints Day at our parish. This brings back memories of those little costumes. I agree, there's nothing cuter than a baby in a nun costume!


You are awesome.