Gems of the East Side: Wee Britain

It's been a while since I told y'all about my favorite places here in suburban Seattle. We've dubbed the next quirky spot on our list "Wee Britain", for obvious reasons. 

Wee Britain

If you ever need to feel like you're in a little English village, just head to...

Wee Britain

The Three Lion's Pub for a pint of Guinness. 

Wee Britain

The British Pantry for an extensive variety of biscuits and collectible tea towels.

Wee Britain

Or Neville's Restaurant for bangers and mash. 

When my parents visited in July, Adam and I had a drink {for me, that drink was Diet Coke, but let's pretend I'm not quite that lame} and watched some of the Olympics at the pub. It was almost like we were right there in London!


  1. This is completely unrelated to British stuff, but I wish you were in Houston! I want to go to the Young House Love book signing next week, but I don't know anyone here who reads YHL (and I'm scared to go by myself...haha). Anyway, I've just been wishing you were here to go with me!

    1. I totally wish that too! They are coming here in Seattle, but in the afternoon on a weekday. I really want to go, but I wish I didn't have to wrangle a baby alone while waiting in line!

      Actually, though, my sister is an avid YHL reader and also really wants to go, but also doesn't have anyone to go with. Something to think about, perhaps?!


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