Five on Friday

1. Isn't getting a baby up from a good long nap just the best? Taking pictures of her in random small spaces is almost as fun.

2. I've noticed a trend in regards to my meager sewing abilities. I try something easy, like a pillow. That goes relatively well, so I get overconfident and try something much more challenging, like a slip cover. Then, I realize that was actually really hard, so I go back to something easy, like a camera strap or cloth napkins. But when those go okay, I get overconfident again and decide I can totally handle an article of clothing.


3. In an effort to use things up, I made this banana bread for breakfast last weekend. I am kinda obsessed with the addition of peanut butter! Genius.

4. For the last several months, Claire has been going down for the night around 6:30 to 7:00. Adam usually gets her ready for bed while I make dinner and then we eat after she's gone to sleep. But she's been taking longer naps recently and therefore going to bed a little later, so we have been attempting family dinners. Oh, goodness, they are a lot more work! Not only do we have to eat really quickly while feeding the babe, but I am also learning how to juggle prepping dinner and keeping Claire happy during those so-called witching hours. {It seems like the secret is getting almost everything done ahead of time.} But, it's all worth it for how excited Claire gets when we make the sign of the cross and say grace. So cute!

Hanging in the Sink

5. Adam's department at work is moving to a different building, so he's had to work from home the last two days while the new offices are prepared. A small apartment + a cranky teething baby = not the most productive workday. Having someone here all day has made me a lot more productive though! Speaking of productivity, I should probably get to work. Those sheets aren't going to iron themselves. Oh, but wouldn't it be nice if they could?


  1. Two things:
    1) Claire in a sink = cutest thing ever!!
    2) You iron your sheets?!?! I officially feel like a bad housewife now. I've NEVER ironed sheets. I just buy "wrinkle-free" sheets and pull them out of the dryer and put them straight on the bed. They're not completely "wrinkle free" (false advertising?), but they're under a comforter. Haha. Sometimes I use a hair straightener to iron the top few inches if there's a really awful wrinkle on the top (the only visible part). But seriously. You do not need to iron your sheets. I promise no one will judge you if you don't!

    1. Oh, I completely acknowledge that I'm crazy! I just really like getting into bed with freshly ironed sheets. Also, ironing is my favorite chore because it's the only one you can do while watching tv, ha ha. My baseboards may be in serious need of dusting, but my sheets are always nice and crisp!

  2. Standing babies are crazy! Amelia started crawling and less than two weeks later pulled herself to standing. That was last night. Now allll day she's been pulling herself up... and fall down. When do they learn to lower themselves down? That's clutch. Hah!


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