Adam's Birthday Festivities

On Saturday, Adam turned twenty-three! Our usual teenaged babysitter wasn't available, so our friends, Libby and Jon, agreed to watch Claire for us on Thursday evening. 

This is her "I outsmarted Mom and didn't take a nap" face.

Well, actually Claire napped really terribly that day {doesn't she look proud of herself?} so she went to bed before they arrived and they really just watched Grey's Anatomy on our couch for a couple hours. But, we are super grateful that we were able to enjoy a delicious meal and toddler-free conversation at a restaurant with actual menus.

Adam's Birthday

Adam's Birthday

We went to a little Italian place, Sages, down the street. We walk by it almost every day and have been wanting to try it forever. It did not disappoint!

 On Adam's actual birthday, we had lunch at another more family-friendly Italian place {can you tell that Adam really likes Italian food?} and went shopping with his birthday money.

Stealing Daddy's lasagna.

Blazer shopping. This one's Claire-approved.

He got a pair of brown dress shoes and a navy blazer. I still can't believe Adam wanted to go to the mall. On a Saturday afternoon. On his birthday. If you knew my husband, trust me, you would be similarly shocked.

 Adam's Birthday

I made shrimp creole, one of his favorite meals, for dinner.

Adam's Birthday

He opened his presents. Claire and I got him a CD, a tie clip, and a monogrammed pocket knife.

Adam's Birthday

And then it was time for cake! I made a dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. The last time I made it was for Adam's birthday two years ago. I was really excited to write Daddy on his cake for the first time this year. {Side note: last year, Claire was only six weeks old, so I got an ice cream cake from Dave & Andy's, our favorite ice cream place in Pittsburgh. I had a dream the other night about Dave & Andy's and how they decided to start selling barbecue as well? Oh, weird pregnancy dreams and weird pregnancy cravings...}

Adam's Birthday

After Claire went to bed, we watched the Dark Knight Rises, which was filmed in Pittsburgh, so it was neat to see how many spots we recognized. I am already looking forward to his birthday next year, when we will have two kids to help blow out the candles. Maybe Claire will even be able to join in the birthday song?!

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  1. Yay! Happy Birthday, Adam! Love the birthday napkins and table runner. :)


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