Push Presents

Mom Necklace

This is Adam's last week of paternity leave. Well, unless we win the lottery in the next few days. We have loved having him at home!

Over the last month, he was in charge of all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, and toddler entertainment. I just got to feed Maggie (pretty much constantly, it feels like sometimes), catch up on sleep, and try to squeeze in play time with Claire whenever possible.

I don't know about you, but my husband encouraging me to sleep in or remembering that we need diapers and running to Target for more, is pretty much the definition of romance. Every once in a while though, Adam does something totally above and beyond. With each of our daughters, he's surprised me with a "thanks for having our baby" gift. I think they're sometimes called push presents, but I guess in my case it'd be more like a "major abdominal surgery" present.

When Claire arrived, he gave me a Kindle. It's been so handy during the many hours spent feeding a newborn, since it's much easier to read without having to actually hold the book open, you know?

This time, he gave me a pretty necklace from The Vintage Pearl. In all honesty, I did send him a not-so-subtle email with a link to my favorite one, way back when we first found out we were expecting. But I was definitely hinting at a birthday or Christmas gift. Anything extra never crossed my mind.

He actually gave it to me the day we found out Maggie was (wrongly!) diagnosed with IUGR, a day which Claire also happened to have a stomach bug and a day which I certainly could have used a mood booster. It certainly fit the bill.

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  1. major abdominal surgery.. hahaha. speaking of that, how are you?! love the necklace! i have a similar one and i wear it everyday!


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