7QT: Snippets From The Week

1.) Saturday. Adam's W-2 came in the mail today, so we promptly filed our taxes. In our college years, we had about a dozen sources of income between the two of us from various scholarships and part-time jobs. And in Pennsylvania, we also had to pay state and local taxes. Compared to previous years, filing just one set of taxes with just one salary was almost enjoyable. Plus, yay for refunds!

Story time.

2.) Sunday. During nap time, we tried a new recipe Adam found for the world's best chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty spectacular, but also time-consuming (you have to melt the butter then cool it in a ice bath and chop a big chocolate bar instead of using chocolate chips) so I'm not quite sure if they're worth the effort compared to the recipe I usually use.

Attempting to get us all in the picture.

3.) Monday. The following exchange occurred as Adam was leaving for work this morning.

Adam: I love you, Claire. Can you say "I love you?"
Claire: Blah.

I'm so excited that Claire's getting old enough to say funny things! Here's another conversation from a couple weeks ago.

Adam (talking to Maggie): Hi, cutie!
Claire (clears throat loudly): Ahhhhem!
Adam: Okay, you're cute too.

4.) Tuesday. Maggie has giggled a few times, but only laughed out right once so far. Until today, when we discovered that she finds Claire's dancing hilarious! Babies laugh at the silliest things. It reminded us of this video of Claire finding painter's tape just hysterical.

Someone's excited about her new rain coat - a clearance find from @babygap!

5.) Wednesday. Over the last month or so, Claire has started helping me bake. Today we made some cornbread to go with the chili we were having for dinner. I can tell she really enjoys it and she's also way more excited to try things that she's helped with, but it sure is making me grow in patience! Quite a few deep breaths were necessary after she dropped a cup of cornmeal on the floor.

Reading in their "jammas" as Claire likes to call them.

6.) Thursday. Maggie was in a "don't-put-me-down" kind of mood during afternoon naps, which I was happy to oblige, so I whittled away the time researching accommodations for our big summer vacation to visit our grandparents in Orlando and Ottawa. It's kind of ridiculous how much energy I've already devoted to brainstorming how we'll keep the girls occupied for 15+ hours of flight time.

Our happy baby.

7.) Friday. It's only fitting that the last day of January would begin with poop in the tub. This month has been pretty crappy. Claire, Maggie, and I passed colds back and forth to each other the entire time. Thankfully, Seattle didn't experience any particularly crazy weather like the rest of the country, but this cold, gray, and rainy thing is getting a little old. January was the first full month of me taking care of the girls on my own though and it's gone a lot better than I hoped. Especially since our noses have finally stopped running!

Sleeping baby feet. Thanks for the socks, @misterandmisseskeeny!

Go see Jenn for many more takes. And go Seahawks! Well, actually, we couldn't care less about the outcome of the big game. Football is just too violent. But it'll be the perfect time to go grocery shopping, don't you think?

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  1. January was a rough month for us, as well... here's hoping (and praying!) for a much calmer February :).


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