Let's Talk About Clothes

When my parents and Scott were here for a quick weekend visit at the beginning of August (before heading back to Shanghai) my mom and I got to spend an afternoon shopping. She had some great coupons at Macy's and very generously treated me to a few things.


A pair of dark, boot cut Joe's Jeans. My sister has a pair of Joe's Jeans and just raves about them, particularly because they don't stretch out of shape the way most jeans do. I still need to take these to the tailor to get them hemmed by a few inches (and these are already the ankle version!) but I'm excited to have bumped my pants tally up to a grand total of two. (I bought a pair of dark, skinny AG jeans on clearance at Anthro in March.)


A three-quarter sleeve Maison Jules dress. The whole Maison Jules line at Macy's is reallllly cute. Apparently it's designed by a French fashion blogger? This dress is actually nursing-friendly, although I'm probably stretching the neckline out by pulling it down to feed Maggie. It's a little shorter than I remember it being in the dressing room. Don't you hate it when that happens? I've only washed it on delicate and let it air dry. Hmmmm. Well, I'm mostly planning on wearing it with boots and leggings, so no big deal.

Before we get into fall fashion, let's back up to how a few of my new summer pieces turned out. You guys, I've finally admitted that I don't like Everlane tees that much. They just didn't hold up that well for me and the gray was really weirdly cut. I ordered black and gray v-neck tees from Boden to see if those are a better fit. (I'm wearing them in the pictures above. So far, so good?) I've also admitted that I'm not a plain white tee person. I didn't reach for it nearly as often as I did the black or gray. 

I really, really liked both of the Land's End dresses, but the purple one was just a stain magnet and I finally had to say goodbye when it somehow picked up fairly large bleach spot. Since I paid $30 for it and wore it an average of 2 times a week since the beginning of June, I'd say it was worth the $1.25 per wear price. Land's End has a few cute nursing-friendly options for the fall as well. 

Lands End Dresses

The 3/4 length-sleeve wrap dress would be super versatile. But in purple or royal blue? I think the denim dress could also be really cute with colorful tights and boots.

But I'm holding off purchasing anything until my first Stitch Fix arrives on September 13th. I was really specific about what I was looking for:

1. Open sweater in a fun color/pattern in petite so the arms aren't too long.
2. Casual, waterproof winter coat with hood and cinched waist to wear with jeans and skirts.
 3. Cocktail dress for fall/winter with elbow or 3/4 sleeves.
 4. Nursing friendly dress with the same sleeve lengths that doesn't need ironing.
5. Tunic style top to wear with dark jeans and boots.

I'm excited to see how it turns out! Of course, you know you'll get to hear all about it.


  1. I like the dress you bought!

  2. I think I would go with purple over royal blue with that wrap dress - first of all because then you'll be REALLY excited when Advent comes and you can wear a purple dress to Mass, and second of all because I think it would look better with brown boots and a general fall color scheme. I'm REALLY excited to see your Stitch Fix!

  3. I love those boots! And I just recently discovered Land's End as an awesome clothing site and I'm loving those dresses. So nursing friendly, and postpartum forgiving. Let us know what you decide :)


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