Ten Months With Maggie

10 Months Official

Ice cream and popsicles.
When you mimic her babbling.
Sitting in the red and yellow car.
Doing flips and headstands (with assistance, of course.)
Playing with Claire's snack cup.
Trying to eat sand and grass.

Swim lessons.
Being constipated.
Having her pigtails taken out.

New Tricks:
Getting into a sitting position on her own.
Using her feet to spin around in a circle while sitting.
Pulling up with assistance.
Chewing with her new top tooth.
Being okay with playing in a room by herself for a few minutes.
Flapping her arms frantically when she's excited or wants something.
Sleeping through the night five out of seven nights.

10 Months Collage

P.S. Here are the rest of her monthly reports! And, for comparison's sake, here is Claire at ten months.


  1. She is too cute!! We share many of the same dislikes

  2. With her hair down she really looks like Claire! What cuties you have. I would like to witness the feet spinning trick!


You are awesome.