Clearly Claire


During a diaper change...
Claire: Make bum feel all better! Make bum happy! 

Adam: Are you tough?
Claire: I tough.
Adam: Are you strong?
Claire: I strong.
Adam: Are you courageous?
Claire: No, I just Claire.

Talking to Maggie in the playroom..
Claire: I need to go bang something! 

Picking a carrot out of her fried rice...
Claire: Hooray! I rescued him!  

Pretending to talk to Grandma on the phone...
Caitlin: What does Grandma say?
Claire: She says I look fantastic! 

While listening to bluegrass in the car...
Claire: I need more banjo!   

After kissing Adam goodbye before he went to work...
Claire: You brush your teeth? 

Setting up a tea party...
Claire: Cookies make dinosaurs feel all better! 

At Salt & Straw on our road trip to Portland...
Claire: This isn't a trip! This is an ice cream store!



  1. I love these! And those pictures are too cute!

  2. Precious! This is such a fun age! I've been jotting down cute monologues too... Now to actually blog. Womp womp.


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