Meal Planning Monday

When Claire was about ten months old, I finally started to get my act together in the kitchen again and became excited about trying new recipes. Shortly afterwards, I became pregnant with Maggie, morning sickness kicked in, and any culinary ambitions quickly disappeared.

Story time.

There's just something about chubby, grinning, babbling ten-month old babies that really makes you want to have another one. 

Pretty much heaven on earth.

Well, now that Maggie is ten-months old and my pantry is officially depleted, I am committing to meal planning once again. Here's our weekly menu:

Monday: rotisserie chicken, baguette, glazed carrots
Tuesday: dinner date before small group (hot dogs or mac & cheese for the girls)
Wednesday: chicken and noddle cassoulet with salad
Thursday: pates aux lardons with salad
Friday: bouchons au thon, baguette, broccoli
Saturday: homemade pizza with salad
Sunday: flank steak with lemon herb butter, sauteed potatoes, green beans

Dessert: During Maggie's nap this morning, Claire and I made vanilla cupcakes with blue icing to celebrate Mary's birthday! On Saturday, we plan to make chocolate cupcakes to celebrate Claire turning 2.5 and starting potty training. (We are hoping that wrapping up her potty seat, new underwear, and a few library books about using the toilet will get her excited about the idea. Who knows if it will be successful.)

The recipes for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are from my favorite French cookbook. Friday's recipes is from The Homemade Life. The cupcake recipes are from my trusty Southern Living cookbook. And the pizza dough recipe I use is from the Pioneer Woman. 

Well, time to get Maggie up and head to Costco!

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