Thankful #3: Seattle

Kerry Park
The view of the Seattle skyline from Kerry Park.

I never, ever saw myself living in Seattle, but I am so thankful we get to live in such a beautiful area of the country. I am thankful for the amazingly wonderful summers. I am thankful for the cherry blossoms in the spring and changing leaves in the fall. I am even thankful for the gray, rainy winter days, because they make me appreciate sunshine more than I ever have. I am thankful for the mountains that make my heart skip a beat whenever I get a glimpse. I am thankful that we live ten minutes from the beach, even if the water is pretty shockingly cold.  The suburb in Houston where we grew up is technically an "unincorporated area" so I am thankful to have settled in a real town, with parks galore, plenty of non-chain restaurants, a farmer's market, a Christmas tree lighting and even a May Day celebration. I am also thankful for our town's location, thirty minutes from the big city, with countless attractions and a world-class medical center, but also thirty minutes from the country, with the breath-taking scenery of the Cascades. 

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