San Francisco Day Six: Golden Gate Park

We spent our last day in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park. After we easily secured some street parking near the entrance, our first stop was the Japanese Tea Garden. It's free if you enter before 10:00 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. 




The gardens were pretty neat, but I'm glad we didn't pay the normal admission price. We walked past the deYoung Museum and the California Academy of Sciences to the Koret Children's Quarter.


It definitely rivaled Dolores Park for the coolest playground of the trip. Check out that concrete slide!



There was another vintage carousel next to the playground so, of course, we had to go for a spin. You buy your carousel tickets from a little concession stand that also sells the famous It's It's ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream sandwiched between oatmeal cookies, all coated in chocolate. Absolutely delicious.


We had a picnic lunch in the rose gardens back near where we parked, then loaded up and drove to Ocean Beach.


A laughably unsuccessful attempt at a family photo. 




The sand was happily warm, but the water was a different story. Claire really enjoyed dipping her toes in the ocean, but Maggie was completely the opposite. 


We took a scenic drive along the coast to see the Sutro Baths, the Legion of Honor, and the gorgeous mansions in the Presidio before stopping at Baker Beach. 


We couldn't resist one last picture with the Golden Gate. 



Even after letting Claire and Maggie play in the sand until the adults could barely stand the chilly ocean breezes, we had to pry them away! They are going to have the best time at our neighborhood beach this summer. 


That evening, we had dinner at Super Duper, a Bay Area burger chain. Allie read a magazine article claiming their burgers were the perfect combination of Five Guys and In-N-Out. We have to agree! Plus, they have soft serve and dipped cones like a much fancier Dairy Queen. 

We headed to the airport Saturday morning and were home by 4:00 pm. These 90 minute flights just can't be beat! Our trip went so smoothly that as soon as we got off the plane I couldn't help brainstorming about where we should go next summer. For some reason, Adam, rolling a suitcase and carrying two car seats, didn't quite muster up my same level of enthusiasm...

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