Maggie's Birthday Wish List

 In just about a month, Maggie is turning two! Thanks to her older sister, she pretty much has all the toys a two-year-old could ask for, but any of the following would be welcome additions to the playroom:

Maggie Birthday Wish List

Peppa & Friends Figurines. We found a KidKraft doll house at Goodwill last year. It was in perfect condition and included all the furniture, but the little people were missing. We rectified the situation with some Peppa's family figurines. Maggie absolutely loves playing with it and I'd know she'd appreciate the addition of Peppa's friends. 

Edushape Ball Drop Set. The girls love playing with toys like this whenever they get the opportunity. I like that it's a toddler-friendly version of the marble run I loved as a kid.

Plan Toys Concertina. We have a big basket of musical instruments - drum, xylophone, trumpet, recorder, various shakers - that we pull out frequently for jam sessions. A concertina would be a perfect addition to the collection.

Hape Alphabet Puzzle. Maggie's finally at that age when she can do puzzles without frustration. Thanks to Claire's help, she's starting to recognize letters and is obsessed with the ABC song.

Petit Collage Beginner Puzzles. We really love these for once kids have moved passed the basic wooden puzzle stage. We have forest babies, safari babies, and ocean babies, but we'd love to add pets or farm babies to the stash.

Of course, books are always appreciated around here. We have checked out The Princess and the Pig and Henry Finds His Word from the library multiple times. They're both cute, clever stories. We haven't read The Baby's Catalogue because the library doesn't have a copy, but Maggie loves Each Peach Pear Plum by the same authors. Their illustrations are so charming.

We are getting Maggie an Anna dress (from Costco and also conveniently her Halloween costume) as well as two KidO airplanes to round out our vehicle collection. Claire knows about the dress and is so, so excited for Maggie to open her present!

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  1. We have the toddler marble run! It's a lot of fun. :)


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