Maggie's Second Birthday

Maggie turned two last Wednesday! We celebrated the actual day with plenty of sugar. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and cookies brought to playgroup at church. Our friends, Steven and Megan, came over for a dinner of pizza, salad, and Trader Joe's cupcakes. 



After dinner, we forced them to watch Maggie's yearly video. 


And then she opened her presents from us - an Anna dress (sneakily combined as a Halloween costume), two Kid O airplanes to round out their vehicle collection, and a pillow made by moi.
I made Claire an almost identical one for her second birthday, both with the same bible verse and both using fabric leftover from their baby quilts. 



On Friday afternoon, we threw Maggie a little Minnie Mouse themed birthday party! I think we did a pretty good of keeping things festive but low-key. 




The night before, we decorated the living room with streamers, balloons, pompoms, and her birthday banner. 


We used pink polka dotted wrapping paper as table runners for our three kids' tables. 


The Minnie Mouse gift bag on my sewing table held the party favors. 



One-year-olds got a board book, while two and three-year-olds got a dominoes game. Everyone had a snack cup filled with Mini Oreo's. I found everything at the Target Dollar Spot. 


The guests arrived at four and spent the first hour of the party playing. That doctor kit and cabbage patch doll are from my childhood. I'm so glad my mom saved some of our favorite classic toys. Speaking of my parents, they arrived just as the party was beginning and got to join in the fun! 


We served dinner right at five. We had a Chick-fil-A nugget tray, veggies and dip, chips, fruit skewers, apple juice, and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. 


I'm not really one to do themed food, so the Minnie Mouse theme just extended to the paper plates, cups, and napkins. I also stuck Mini Oreo's on the cupcakes to look like mouse ears. 


Maggie also had a cute themed outfit to wear - my mom found this little pink striped and polka dotted dress on clearance at Kohl's last summer and the mouse ears were just from the party store. 


Having twelve children under age four eating in our living room was a little chaotic! 

So right after they finished the main course, we kept the momentum going with singing Happy Birthday and digging into our cupcakes. 


We ended the party with opening presents, of course!


The guests were mostly gone by 6:00 and thanks to the gracious help of my parents, we had the cupcake crumbs vacuumed and apple juice mopped shortly afterwards.


 I think this little cutie had a wonderful birthday celebration. When you ask her old how she is now, she undoubtedly answers either "four" or "five." Apparently she's skipping right over two!

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