Nursing Friendly Dresses

If I wasn't pregnant, chances are I would probably be nursing. In fact, I'm casually on the hunt for a couple nursing friendly dresses for Betsy's baptism and newborn photos. I saw a few while browsing at Ann Taylor during Claire's music class last week (one of the only women's clothing stores I like at our outdoor mall). That got me started down the online shopping rabbit hole. I thought I'd share the fruits with you!  

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Fall 15
I much prefer shirt dresses with buttons that don't go all the way down and these two deliver on that front, but I think I also like the look of no collar. The wrap dresses, on the other hand, are perfect. A really nice weight with three-quarter sleeves, always my preferred option. They come in several colors and patterns and are currently 60% off!


Loft Fall 15

I did like that Loft had several shirt dresses with no collar. Doesn't that just look nicer somehow? But the last two things I've purchased from Loft have fallen apart really, really quickly. The hem fell out of an a-line skirt and a chambray tunic got a small hole in the back. Both things I was able to fix, but I'm starting to think I should avoid this store based on poor quality. Anyone else had similar experiences?

Land's End

 Lands End Fall 15

Land's End clothing, however, has always held up very well for me. Did you know that you can return their online orders to your nearest Sears? The dress on the left also comes in navy and a black/white floral pattern. The dress on the right also comes in a classic black.


ModCloth Fall 15

ModCloth has so, so many nursing-friendly options. These are just my three favorite, but there are many more to choose from. I have a $50 credit there that I think I'll use to purchase the gray striped dress in the middle. I don't think it will work for the baptism or newborn pictures, but it looks like a perfectly comfy dress with just a pair of sandals in the summer or with a denim jacket in the spring and fall. 


Boden Fall 15

I really, really love Boden. I love how colorful and classic their clothing is. I find that it fits well and the quality is really great. If you wait long enough, you can usually find some awesome deals in the clearance section. I used a credit to purchase the dress on the left, which I'll probably wear to Betsy's baptism.


Anthro Fall 15

Anthropologie is another store with good deals if you can wait long enough for something to go on sale. They regularly do an extra 25% or 30% off their clearance prices too. 

I think I want something blue for newborn pictures, since we'll be taking them in our home and we have a mostly blue/green/yellow color scheme going on. I'll probably order that wrap dress from Ann Taylor, but maybe also wait for that teal Anthro dress to go on sale. Although it appears to be the same color as our pillow shams, which is probably not the best idea...

Oh, family picture outfit coordinating. Always fun. 

Some dresses can be too low-cut for my liking, especially while nursing, so I like to wear these half tee layers underneath. A big improvement over wearing a full cami under a dress with it constantly bunching up. 

I also checked at Gap, J.Crew, and J.Crew Factory, but didn't see any options I loved there. You can tell from looking at all of these that you're pretty much just limited to shirt dresses, wrap dresses, and anything with a cross-over neck. But you're definitely not stuck with skirts until your baby is done nursing!


  1. The teal anthro dress ... swoon.

    I am eyeing any long sleeved dresses because I would like to wear more of them during winter this year. Especially now that I have weaned the twins and can wear stuff that's NOT nursing friendly, yay!

  2. Love these! The first one from lands end is my favorite, but I clicked over and the opening is sewn shut! What a bummer... Maybe you could pick out the stitching? Probably not worth it, though :/ Love the striped one from modcloth, too!

  3. Ah, the problem with being tall and wanting your knees covered :-/

  4. For nursing, are you able to pull the half tee up from the bottom with the wrap dress pulled to the side? Or do you pull down from the top and always use a nursing cover? I prefer not to use a nursing cover, so I'm trying to figure out if these would work for me.

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