Silly Sisters



Adam: What's one plus one?
Claire: Maggie!
Claire saying something about San Francisco...
Adam: Do you like going on trips, Claire?
Claire: Yeah, that's why I talk about them all the time. 
Allie goes to sit on the couch...
Claire: Don't sit on me!
Allie: Oh, what would happen if I sat on you?
Claire: I would die. 
After putting her in time out...
Claire: (grabs my face) You need to calm down. 
Watching TV at Adam's work cafeteria....
Claire: What game are they playing?
Adam: Football.
Claire: Why are they falling down so much? 


Allie: How old are you?
Maggie: One. 
Allie: How old are you going to be on your birthday?
Maggie: Four. 
Allie: No, you're just going to be two.
Maggie: Oh no! 
Holding a golf ball up to her ear...
Maggie: I hear the ocean! I hear a boat! 
Claire: Oh no! I finished my cookie so fast.
Maggie: Have some of Maggie's? 
Maggie playing with her dolly...
Maggie: I'm her mother!
(Looking around) But where's da father?
Maggie: Claire's at school. She's gonna miss me.

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