November Happenings

 Just what we've been up to in November...

Some friends were going out of town and couldn't attend the dentist's candy-buy-back party, so they gave us their unwanted candy. We picked out all the Reese's and brought in the rest. Elsa and Anna were thrilled to each receive a dollar of their very own

Even though we tried our best to celebrate Halloween, Claire and Maggie were really sad to miss out on trick-or-treating because we were at a wedding in West Virginia that weekend. Some friends saved the day by giving us the extra candy they were planning to take to the dentist's candy buy-back party (they were going out of town and had to miss it). Claire and Maggie were thrilled to have another chance to wear their costumes, get balloon animals, have their faces painted, and receive a dollar of their very own.

 Going to see their first play! (An adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood for preschoolers.)

We took the girls to their first play - an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood for preschoolers. It was forty-five minutes long, which is was the perfect length for Maggie's attention span. They loved getting to meet Little Red and her grandma afterwards, but refused to shake hands with the wolf!

 Hooray for date night! We went to a Chris Thile concert and had the best time.

Adam and I went on a hot date to a fancy dinner and a Chris Thile concert. We had a fantastic time - Christ Thile is surprisingly funny as well as an amazing mandolin player. Did you know he's going to be the new host of A Prairie Home Companion?

 Happy Feast Day, Maggie! I wasn't about to serve haggis, but figured beef stew was also pretty Scottish. Of course, the girls preferred the hot chocolate and shortbread we had for dessert!

 From Maggie's baptism anniversary yesterday. Her cupcake was a little top heavy!
We celebrated Maggie's feast and baptism days. She was baptized the day after St. Margaret of Scotland's feast. For dinner the first night, we had beef stew and shortbread with hot chocolate for dessert. The next night was pizza and cupcakes - we like to light their baptism candle and sing "Happy baptism day, to you!"


I made her a baby carrier as a little baptism gift. I actually made one for Claire right before Maggie was born. It was very gratifying to see how much faster Maggie's came together. Even though I make many mistakes, I am slowly getting better at sewing. The pattern is from this Oliver + S book. I would highly recommend any of their stuff for beginners - the patterns are so well written and easy to understand.

Claire's Doll Carrier

Adam got the whole week of Thanksgiving off because his team is moving buildings. One of the perks of working for a big company with dozens of office buildings on campus!

 Adam has the whole week off work thanks to his team's office move. This morning we went to an indoor volleyball court that turns into a giant sandbox on weekdays!

On Monday, we went to an indoor volleyball court that transforms into a giant sandbox for toddlers during weekday mornings. They provide all the great sand toys and everything.

The downside to indoor sandboxes is that the sand is quite chilly! Luckily, the Fran's Chocolates Factory was right across the street so we could warm up with some of their hot chocolate. And we got to meet Fran herself! You have no idea how excited we we

The only downside is that sand indoors is quite chilly! Luckily, it's right across the street from the Fran's Chocolates Factory, so we walked over for hot chocolate afterward. We got to meet Fran herself - she handed us some paper towels after Maggie spilled a little of hers. Totally random and exciting celebrity spotting.

At the children's museum in Everett this morning!

Tuesday morning, we checked out the children's museum in Everett. We got in free thanks to our membership with the museum in Bellevue. It was our favorite by far out of the three we've visited in the Seattle area. The Seattle Children's Museum was definitely the lamest. We've just got the one on Bainbridge Island left on the list! We stopped for lunch at Cafe Rio on the way home, where Maggie learned to dip her cheese quesadilla right into the queso. She's a smart cookie.



Tomorrow we leave for Grandma and Grandpa's house! We are all pretty excited, evidenced by the above photos, but a little nervous about our first winter drive through the mountains.

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