Questions For You!

Remember how I answered some faqs about our new addition? Well, I actually have some questions for all you moms of more than one out there!
Totally taught her to stuff her own cloth diapers. Ha!
Have you cloth diapered two kids at once? How many diapers do you have? We just have twelve right now, because we're cheap and also only like to store the essentials while apartment-dwelling. I usually wash them three times a week. I'm debating whether we want to invest in more diapers though. I like keeping babies in disposables for the first few months and I hope to potty train Claire when she's around two and a half {shortly before the new babe's first birthday.} So both kids would probably be in cloth diapers together for about six months. Is it worth it? Or should I just keep Claire in the cloth diapers and her sibling in disposables until Claire's potty-trained?
My view.
Do you have a double stroller? Do you think it's worth it? What kind do you have and would you recommend it? I want to hold off buying a double stroller until the new babe arrives. It seems like we can probably get by with a combination of the single stroller and the baby carrier {we have the Ergo and Bjorn} for a while. I think we'll want a double stroller eventually because our neighborhood is so walkable {we walk pretty much daily to the grocery store, post office, library, or just along the trail near the river.} But, it might be nice if we could get by without investing in one and don't have to figure out where to store it in the apartment. I've heard lots of good things about the Baby Jogger City Select {we have the Baby Jogger City Micro right now and really like it} but the price tag is pretty scary! Maybe we'll get lucky on Craig's List?

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  1. We cloth diaper both kids. I have at LEAST 18 diapers for EACH kid (different sizes - prefolds), and 6 covers for each, and have to wash every three days. I kinda wish I had a few more, because we cut it close with the laundry each time (i.e. have just one clean one left). There's no way you can do them both in cloth with just twelve diapers, unless you're washing them every single day, and you'll still be cutting it close and probably have to use disposables to get you through until they're done sometimes.

    We have two double strollers. One is an Instep jogging stroller. It pushes really nicely, and can go over all sorts of terrains. But it's BIG. It's side-by-side, so a tight fit in some places. And it literally takes up the entire trunk of the car. The other one is a Joovy stand-on one. It's smaller, which is nice, and it also has an attachment so that it can hold a car seat (we made the jogging stroller do it too, but it's not "officially" able to). My only complaint is that it's not good on rough terrain, and doesn't go up curbs easily - you have to walk to the front, and lift up the front wheels.

    I think you could get by with just Clare in a stroller and the baby in a carrier. But if she's not there yet, expect that Clare will soon hit the stage where she doesn't like to ride in the stroller, and insists on walking. I find that at that point, it's nice to have a double stroller. The baby is always sitting down, so you are totally free to run after the toddler (I find it cumbersome to run around and interact with the older one when there's a baby strapped on me), and the other "seat" of the stroller becomes a great place to stash coats, diaper bags, etc. Then when the toddler gets tired of walking, you can just pop her back in.


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