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When you're in the first trimester and feeling pretty crappy, what sounds like a more fun use of nap time - making dinner or watching tv and sewing? Hands down, I would pick sewing every time. Some of Claire's baby friends had birthdays recently, so I made them each a little something.

Amelia and Jude, both turning one, got stuffed giraffes.

Strange Giraffe

The pattern came with the dress pattern I used to make Claire's All Saints Day costume. They didn't turn out as cute and cuddly as I hoped.

Another Weird Giraffe

I think they are more on the cute side than the weird side, though?
The long skinny necks are supposed to be good for teething. Claire tested that part out for me!

I also wanted to make something for Katherine, who's turning three. I had a feeling she wouldn't have much use for a teething giraffe, so I decided on a fabric scrap matching game instead.

Fabric Scrap Matching Game

Fabric Scrap Matching Game

I used this tutorial, found on Pinterest. The original game included a cute little fabric envelope to store the pieces in, but laziness took over and I ended up just buying a bag that would work at the craft store.

It was a fun way to take my mind off the constant nausea! So, to anyone who wonders how I find the time for this kind of stuff - the answer is frozen pizza.  

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  1. Love the giraffes! They turned out adorable! (I also love Claire's Chambray top! Oh, and Katherine loves the memory game, but there is a thank you note on its way that explains that further.)


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