Another "Style" Post With iPhone Shots

Since we last chatted about my attempt to retain some semblance of style, I've found four more dresses from Twice that fit all my criteria - sleeves, nursing-friendly, and no ironing required. And they were each under $30.


I also ordered a couple items for our upcoming vacation to San Francisco. It's warmer there than in Seattle, so I knew I wouldn't want my spring/fall trench but I wanted something more substantial than a cardigan. Enter: the denim jacket. I ordered mine from J. Crew Factory because I was already ordering a couple pairs of leggings. By the way, do you have a favorite brand of leggings? I don't love theirs but at least the waistband is comfy and they're not too long. Petite leggings don't seem to exist, to my knowledge at least.


 I also wanted a pair of tennis shoes that wouldn't look too silly worn with casual skirts and dresses, since ballet flats can be a tad uncomfortable after a while when you're walking many miles a day and it won't be warm enough to break out my sandals yet. I almost ordered a pair of Toms when I remembered Erika's post from last summer mentioning Bensimon sneakers.

They're a French brand but ShopBop sells them here in the states. I definitely prefer their look to Toms and appreciate the rubber toes for durability. They are super comfortable and cute enough to fit the bill, at least in my opinion!

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  1. Very nice! Glad you found some dresses that work. I know the feeling of seeing millions of choices out there but almost nothing that fits all the criteria for what actually works in my line!


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