Seven Quick Takes

1. It's been quiet around here this week because I've been trying to finish up some house projects before the rain begins again in September. Just spray painting (with a pregnancy-approved mask!) and a few landscaping things. You know you'll hear all about it eventually.

The girls and I go to the lake once a week, but we finally made it there with Daddy! And it was way, way more fun.

2. After two months of non-stop visitors from mid-June to mid-August, we've been taking the last few weeks pretty easy. We've just hung around our town on the weekend - going to the farmer's market, swimming at the lake, and riding bikes to the ice cream store. All our weekly summer activities ended this week, but we have the first two weeks of September completely free before our fall schedule starts up. I'm hoping we get a few more days of sunny summer weather to check off the last items from our summer bucket list.


3. Which reminds me, I haven't told you about some fun grown-ups only outings from the last couple months! My sister and I have become really big fans of giving each other experiences over gifts. For my birthday, she took me to afternoon tea at the Salish Lodge. It's only offered on Sunday afternoons, so we went the day after our Mount Rainier excursion. So much fun and absolutely delicious!


4. And then for Allison's birthday, we gave her tickets to see Jim Gaffigan, the night before our trip to the Cascades. We had hoped to have dinner at Delancey beforehand, but the wait was ridiculously long, so we went to Cafe Presse in Capitol Hill instead. It's the more affordable little sister of our favorite fancy French place, Le Pichet. 


5. To thank Allie for watching the girls during our anniversary getaway, I treated her to dinner at DERU Market, a new restaurant in our town that I'd heard rave reviews about from multiple sources. Their pizza was amazing (without a two-hour wait like Delancey!) and all their desserts looked so delicious that we had to split a chocolate chip cookie and bring a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake home to share with Adam. After dinner, we stopped for groceries at a new-to-us store, Metropolitan Market, because exploring new grocery stores is our idea of an exciting night.

Nutella pizza for St. Clare (only a day late!)

6. One more fun event from the summer: celebrating St. Clare's feast day! We had a special Italian dinner of homemade pizza (on a weeknight - entirely out of the ordinary over here) with nutella pizza for dessert. I based it on a dessert we all loved in Montreal. You just bake a plain pizza crust for ten minutes, slather it with nutella, sprinkle powdered sugar on top, and serve with berries so you feel slightly less decadent.

Watching a rain storm.

7. Have a wonderful weekend, you guys! We have a babysitter tonight, so I'm sharing the awesomeness of DERU Market with Adam. Rain, rain, and more rain is on the forecast for the weekend (it's like we live in Seattle or something) but hopefully the clouds part long enough for a quick family bike ride. 

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